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23 Skidoo

Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
An English group associated with the industrial avant-garde of rock music. The name is a coinage borrowed from both Aleister CROWLEY and William S. BURROUGHS. It was started in 1979 by Fritz ”HA?AMAN” CATLIN, Johnny TURNBULL, Sam MILLS and Patrick GRIFFITHS, the last of whom only stayed with the group until the end of 1980. A year later Alex TURNBULL and Tom HESLOP joined, only to be replaced in 1982 by David ”SKETCH” MARTIN. Its ranks at that time also included, if only temporarily, David TIBET before he started his own CURRENT 93 project. Initially they composed intriguing, though formally quite traditional, works that relied on the song formula and combined elements of reggae, funk, punk and new wave. With time, their style changed and began to show inspiration with the works of THIS HEAT, TG, CV, DVA. The peak of their artistic success was in 1982-1983, when they produced unconven- tionally aranged pieces fusing numerous elements of ethnic music. They referred to the folklore of Africa and Far East, and employed antimusical noise preparations, industrial reverbs and subtle electronic feedback. They also used genuine percussion instruments (e.g. gamelan and kedang), horns (Buddhist trumpets and flutes), sound collages and the unprocessed sound of metal drums and other metal objects. After 1984 they turned towards modern trends in rock and pop music. In 1988 they went into a 12-year hiatus and definitely disbanded in 2003. In 1990 the TURNBULL brothers started a hip-hop label RONIN RECORDS, which continued until 2002. In the first half of the 1980s CATLIN was quite active in industrial culture circles. He worked with LAST FEW DAYS and co-started the CURRENT 93 project.