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Nederlands Auto Ensemble

Gender: Male
Description: A Dutch performance art and music group of irregular personnel, started in 1984 by a thoroughly educated visual artist and graphic designer Herbert VERHEY, who was occasionally aided by artists of diverse background, invi- ted to co-operate on an as-needed basis, those including Klaus RICHTER, Marcel HARDUNG, Marjo KROESE, and Willem DE RIDDER. It gained acclaim for its spectacular performances following a formula of an orchestral concert, where spontaneous lines from traditional acoustic instruments (e.g. percussion and saxophone) and vocals were combined with unpro- cessed sounds from car engines, horns, or radio receivers. The shows made a basis for two film directors, Richard HESLOP and Daniel LANDIN (also collaborators of the likes of 23 SKIDOO) to make the avant-garde film Procar (1987). Although VERHEY officially quit in 1987, he organised one more show in 1990 for a Dutch TV station. Discography: Concert Voor 30 Auto’s American Traced Rubbed (Town & Country Collection 1983) tape