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Music and Movement

Artist: The Door and The Window

Year: 1980
Country: United Kingdom
Label: NB Records
Catalog No: NB Records
Format: Tape
A1 Sticks And Stones  
A2 Death Looks Down  
A3 We Do Scare Eachother  
A4 Subculture  
A5 I Live, He Dies  
A6 Pokerville  
A7 C.C.H.  
A8 Come On  
B1 He Feels Like A Doris  
B2 Lust  
B3 Daddy Has A Fit  
Tracks 1-3 (Side 1) Centro Iberico London, 10.5.80.

Track 4 (Side 1) Notre Dame Hall, London, 26.11.79.

Track 5 (Side 1) Devilles, Manchester, 13.3.80.

Tracks 6-8 (Side 1) 101 Club, London, 16.5.80.

Side 2: The London Musicians Collective 1.4.80.