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1984: The End Of All Songs C60

Artist: Alto Stratus

Year: 1985
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Dark Star
Catalog No: Dark Star, DSC 13
Format: Tape
A1 Horologe 8:30
A2 A Cat In Kew Gardens 9:43
A3 Xolotl - The Demon God 6:47
A4 Time Travel 3:07
B1 The Diabolus 9:56
B2 Mirage 2:49
B3 Allegory 7:30
B4 Sonderbar Part 2 3:15
B5 Reflexion 4:01
Recorded 23+30/1, 27-30/9 & 9/10/84 at S.A.S.
Mix/edit 6/85.

Instruments: synths [Cat, Rogue, CS-5], Casio's, tapes, guitar, voice, echo, etc.