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The Electronic Cottage International Compilation Cassette Series: Volume Two

Artist: Various

Year: 1991
Country: United States
Catalog No: Electronic Cottage; none
Format: Tape
Tracklist A1 –Mike Hovancsek Synthetic Birds  
A2 –Fred Lonberg-Holm* People Talking About Animals  
A3 –Hands To Merdiest  
A4 –Steve Bradley Catphyll  
A5 –(experi)MENTAL Mole (Improv '90)  
A6 –Guns That Own Men Ominous Tractor  
A7 –Kustom Kar Kommandos Hole In You  
A8 –Stefano Barban Smooth Train  
A9 –Roadkill Mental Intercourse (Mindfuck)  
A10 –Dark Star (4) From The Inside  
A11 –The Dead Goldfish Ensemble Softly  
B1 –Keeler In Shadows, Among Strangers  
B2 –Kiaro Skuro (2) Decide  
B3 –Pipo And The Head-Cleaners You're 15 Minits  
B4 –Darren Copeland To Reach You  
B5 –Rendezvous Debris Stand The Truth  
B6 –Gary Wray Swamp Monster  
B7 –The Sound Museum Machine, Machines  
B8 –The Wooden Soldiers 4:36, A Thousand Miles Away  
B9 –Abner Malaty The Monday Piece  
B10 –Dimthingshine American Civilization  
B11 –Berlin Diary Such Dear Destroying Angels