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Eat Shit Noise Music We Love Disco

Artist: Various

Year: 1989
Country: United States
Catalog No: Statutory Tapes, STATAP 010
Format: Tape
A1 –Hanatarash My Dad Is A Car  
A2 –Boredoms Lick N Cock Boat People  
A3 –White Hospital Holocaust (Live)  
A4 –The Gerogerigegege Anal Beethoven  
A5 –White Hospital Robotomy Operation  
B1 –Ruins Cambodia  
B2 –Grim Bremen 2  
B3 –The Gerogerigegege Rock'n'Roll Dutch Wife ABC  
B4 –Hanatarash Frog Girl 90000  
B5 –Boredoms Bite My Bollocks  
B6 –Grim Holiday  
B7 –Dissecting Table Illusion  
B8 –Hanatarash Pisshole Surfers  
A compilation of tracks taken from various Japanese releases.
Done without the knowledge of the artists.