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Abner Malaty

Artist: Abner Malaty

Year: 1985
Country: United States
Catalog No: Cracked Cranium Cassettes
Format: Tape
Spezification: lim.50
A1 Flash  
A2 Window Snow  
A3 Inside The Sphere Of Zero Gravity  
A4 Time Stands Alone  
A5 Clinical Smiles  
A6 Out Of Space  
A7 Itty Bitty Ditty  
A8 Alone  
A9 Plastic Dimension  
A10 If  
A11 Bouncing Off Walls  
A12 My New House  
A13 Train Of Thought  
A14 Instantementalmuzik  
A15 Spastic Jungle Laundromat  
A16 Jello Rain  
B1 Look Out  
B2 In The Distance  
B3 One More Chant  
B4 Why Care  
B5 Crickets  
B6 100 Years Past Doomsday  
B7 Looking  
B8 Taken For  
B9 Working The Ice Fields  
B10 Glissando Ug Ug Ug  
B11 3 Men And A Slug  
B12 Night Shift Blues  
B13 It Circles  
B14 T.V. Theme Intro  
B15 T.V.  
B16 I Dream