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Artist: Sutcliffe Jugend

Year: 1982
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Come Organisation, WDC 883028
Format: Tape
A1 Right To Kill I  
A2 Weapon Power  
A3 Campaign  
A4 Human Vivisection  
B1 King Ian  
B2 Wombaphilia  
B3 Pleasure Corpse  
B4 Right To Kill II  
Also released as 1989 bootleg in Japan, entitled, "Pleasure Corpse".
Wombaphilia & Pleasure Corpse appear on Sutcliffe Jugend retrospective CD released by Susan Lawly.
Campaign & King Ian appear on Sutcliffe Jugend 'Death Mask' CD released by Freek Records.
Neither 'Right To Kill' is the same as that released by SJ on the Broken Flag 'Neuengamme' LP.