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Johnny Guitar 1 & 2

Artist: John Giorno

Year: 1975
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Edition S Press, TONBAND No. 23/24
Format: Tape
Spezification: C90
A1 Dakini Software 16:10
A2 Lucky Man 10:17
A3 Drug Addicts  
A4 In Mild Depressive States  
A5 I'm Tired Of Being Scared  
A6 A Dice Player  
A7 Weshchester Country Club  
A8 Orgasms 3:58
A9 Purple Heart 9:25
B1 Johnny Guitar 26:50
B2 Cunt 13:30
Recorded With Moog Synthesizer, Trumansburg, N.Y., January 1968 & March 1969