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Totally Corrupt (The Dial-A-Poem Poets)

Artist: Various

Year: 1976
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Giorno Poetry Systems, GPS 008-009
Format: Vinyl Lp-2


A1 Charles Bukowski Cloud Nine, I Live In A Neighborhood Of Murderers, Two Horse Collars 3:09
A2 Ed Dorn (2) Excerpts From "Gunslinger, Book 4" 3:48
A3 William S. Burroughs When Did I Stop Wanting To Be President 7:07
A4 Sylvia Plath Daddy 3:43
A5 John Giorno Excerpts From "Shit, Piss, Blood, Pus & Brains" 8:03
A6 Michael McClure Jaguar Sky : There's Cruelty In Every Jewel 0:44
A7 Michael Brownstein Jet Set Melodrama 2:36
A8 Jackie Curtis You Are My Lucky Star 2:18
B1 Ed Sanders This Is The Age Of Investigation Poetry And Every Citizen Must Investigate 5:50
B2 Charles Bukowski Christ, You'll Never Know, The Closing Of The Topless And Bottomless Bars 4:45
B3 Anne Waldman Some Small Fires 4:06
B4 Imamu Amiri Baraka* Hard Facts: Rockefeller's Your Vice-President And Your Mama Don't Wear No Draws, A New Reality Is Better Than A New Movie 3:37
B5 Erica Huggins For A Woman 0:59
B6 Ken Kesey A Brief Discourse 5:04
B7 Jackson Mac Low Excerpt From "Guru, Guru, Gate" 2:05
B8 Charles Amirkhanian Mushrooms (For John Cage) 4:58
C1 William Carlos Williams The Yellow Flower (From Pictures From Brueghel And Other Poems) 3:02
C2 Allen Ginsberg Please Master 4:40
C3 Imamu Amiri Baraka* Hard Facts: New York Is Everywhere Big 1:58
C4 Frank O'Hara To The Film Industry In Crisis 3:50
C5 Taylor Mead I Was In A Drugstore 3:33
C6 Jackie Curtis The All-American Vampire Or How The Bee Sucks 3:36
C7 Jack Spicer The Holy Grail: The Boof Of The Death Of Arthur 5:14
C8 John Cage Song, Derived From The Joiurnal Of Henry David Thoreau 6:30
D1 Tom Weatherly Mud Water Shango, Blues For Frank Swooton 1:42
D2 Joanne Kyger In All This Everyday 3:31
D3 Charles Olson Letter 27: Maximus To Gloucester 3:15
D4 W. S. Merwin Fear 5:23
D5 Maureen Owen When You're Down And Under 1:02
D6 Jerome Rothenberg The Opening Of The Horse Song, Number Eleven, A Total Translation From The Navajo 2:10
D7 Ted Berrigan Today In Ann Arbor 2:59
D8 Susan Howe There Is No Good On Earth And Sin Is But A Name 1:00
D9 Rochelle Owens Excerpt From "The Joe Chronicles, Part 2" 2:25
D10 Bill Knott Corpse And Beans 0:30
D11 Tony Towle New York Letters 1:25
D12 Bernard Heidsieck Stratimelo 2:00
D13 Peter Orlovsky Compost Piles 3:49

Companies, etc.



Issued in a gatefold sleeve.

Back cover: ©? 1976 Giorno Poetry Systems Institute Inc.
Labels: ©? 1976 Giorno Poetry Systems

Most tracks recorded at the locations given above, 1974-1976 (except A4 in 1962, C1 in 1954, C4 in 1959, C7 in 1965 and D1 in 1965).
Track B5 recorded outside The Republican National Convention, Miami FL, August 21, 1972.
Track D6 recorded in New York City, Spring 1970
Track D12 recorded in Paris, France, 1966

Catalog number on back cover and spine 'GPS 008-009' and on labels respectively 'GPS-008' and 'GPS-009.