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What Is To Be Gun

Artist: Problemist

Year: 1983
Country: United States
Catalog No: A.R.P.H. Tapes, A T # 007
Format: Tape
A1 White One  
A2 Battered  
A3 Short Wave  
A4 Scream Anti-Act  
A5 American Tradition  
A6 United We Stand  
A7 Vibes  
A8 Next To Nothing  
A9 Stage Craft  
A10 White Two  
B1 Hazardous  
B2 Publik Streets  
B3 Noise Song  
B4 Talk About  
B5 Jimmy  
B6 Vacuum  
B7 On A Machine  
B8 Throwing Up And Out  
B9 Molding In Struggle  
B10 Ganda Props  
B11 First Strike  
B12 New Ways, New Ideals  
  • Drums – Mike Hill (5)
  • Saxophone, Synthesizer, Vocals – Christopher Rankin
  • Synthesizer, Vocals, Tape – William Davenport
Side two was recorded at The Sound of Music in S.F., December 11, 16, and March 5, 1982.