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Memorial for the Bee-Eater - Birds and Borders Project

Artist: Rod Summers

Year: 1992
Country: Netherlands
Label: VEC Audio
Catalog No: Vec Audio
Format: Tape
A1 The Dutch Museum Of Custom & Excise– Rare Birds On The Border
A2 Keith Bates– Birds & Borders
A3 Ever Arts– An Illustrated Walk Report
A4 Andires Eker*– 2003. Ecology Dream
A5 Guy Bleus*– The W. Reich Bird Congress
A6 John M. Bennett– Eye Cage
A7 Richard Van Dellen– De Narwal
A8 Barry Edgar Pilcher*– Earosky
A9 Cesar Reglero Campos– Brown Paper Object Performed
A10 Pawel Petasz– Stick It In (3.5 Floppy Disc)
A11 Peter Kelly (3)– R.F.U.
A12 Miroslaw Rajkowski– Birds & Voice
A13 A.1 Waste Paper Co.*– "Who's A Pretty Wotsit Then?"
A14 Rod Summers– Wet/Dry
B1 Marcel Stussi– Birds & Borders
B2 Sergio Morandi– Birds & Borders
B3 Walter Rovere– Birdology, A Brief Report
B4 Erik Malzner*– No Title (For B&B)
B5 Asta Olafsdottir*– Nobody Has Contradicted
B6 Antonio Murga– Görlitz Birds
B7 Dennis Barkass– Bird (Inside Clouds)
B8 Dinn International– Audio By Cony
B9 Alessandro Ceccotto– Birds And Borders
B10 Natale Cuciniello– Sonata For Radio And Computers
B11 Jonkari Alex Nujetson*– Roaches On Crutches
B12 Pierre-André Arcand– Interlude For The Birds
B13 Tom Winter (2)– Flamingocide