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Overarm Delivery

Artist: Ron Crowcroft

Year: 1980
Country: Netherlands
Label: VEC Audio
Catalog No: VEC Audio Editions, Edition 10
Format: Tape
A1 Agrophobia  
A2 Do You Want To Be A Go-Go Dancer?  
A3 Dance The Night Away  
A4 Diary Of A Cuckoo  
A5 Jazz Music  
A6 A Sea Of Silence  
A7 Remember, Remembrr  
A8 I Am Normal  
A9 Wiredance  
B1 Carried Forward  
B2 Talk Of The Devil  
B3 Paramania  
B4 Paravertical Music  
B5 Don't Shut The Door  
B6 Varieties Of Tunnels  
B7 Disconnected  
B8 Days Coming, Days Going