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Pythagoras Budgerigar

Artist: Various

Year: 1981
Country: Netherlands
Label: VEC Audio
Catalog No: VEC Audio Exchange 10
Format: Tape
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A1 –Vec (3) Untitled  
A2 –Mental (2) Untitled  
A3 –Vec 2 Untitled  
A4 –Idid Idid Untitled  
A5 –Jim Price (10) Untitled  
A6 –Lieutenant Murnau Untitled  
A7 –Rara Düsseldorf* Untitled  
A8 –Charlotte Tease Untitled  
A9 –The Mail Call Untitled  
A10 –John M. Bennett Untitled  
A11 –Winter* + Summers* UntitledText By – Summers*, Winter*  
A12 –Robert Gillham* UntitledSaxophone [Sax] – Robert Gillham*  
A13 –Guy Sherman Untitled  
A14 –The Haters Untitled  
A15 –Diederick Van Kleef Untitled  
A16 –Emilio Morandi Untitled  
A17 –Die Endzeitakrobaten Untitled  
A18 –Donati Biagio Untitled  
A19 –Marek Krolczuk Untitled  
A20 –Benjamin Allen* Untitled  
A21 –Vec (3) Untitled  
A22 –The Mail Call Untitled  
A23 –John M. Bennett Untitled  
A24 –Vec (3) Over Mind Invaders Untitled  
A25 –The Mail Call Untitled  
B26 –Vec (3) Untitled  
B27 –Marga & Brause Lutscher Untitled  
B28 –Technology M.B.* Untitled  
B29 –ad De Koning* Untitled  
B30 –Maurizio Andrioletti Untitled  
B31 –Carlo Pittore Untitled  
B32 –Vec (3) Untitled  
B33 –The Audio Players* Untitled  
B34 –Ron Crowcroft Untitled  
B35 –Modern Farmers* Untitled  
B36 –Die Krauts Untitled  
B37 –Poprockers Untitled  
B38 –Carel Lanters Untitled  
B39 –Modern Farmers* Untitled  
B40 –Tacky Sans Vecettes Untitled  
B41 –Lon* And Unknown Artist Untitled  
B42 –Philip Loarie* Untitled  
B43 –Maurizio Andrioletti Untitled  
B44 –Peter Below Untitled  
B45 –Vec (3) Untitled  
B46 –Bob Davis (22) Untitled  
B47 –Rod Summers Untitled  
B48 –Nicola Frangione Untitled  
B49 –Bob Davis (22) Untitled  
B50 –Michael Bright (2) Untitled  
  • Compiled By [Programme] – Tom Winter (2)
Material collected May to July 1981.
All tracks are blended into each other, partially overlapping one another.

Continuous track-numbering on release.

Some copies came with lino cut print attached to the front of the box. Some copies had additional inserts.