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Live 12-9-81 (Tuwat)

Artist: Slime

Year: 1981
Country: Germany
Label: Stechapfel
Catalog No: Stechapfel
Format: Tape
A1 Yankees Out 3:11
A2 Bundeswehr 2:26
A3 Hey Punk 1:45
A4 We Ain't Gonna Take It 4:18
A5 Bullenschweine 2:44
A6 We Always Gonna Win 3:19
A7 I Wish I Was 2:32
A8 A.C.A.B. 1:48
A9 Demokratie 4:11
A10 Polizei SA SS 2:18
B1 Karlsquell 2:54
B2 Vaterland (Deutschland Muss Sterben) 3:41
B3 Streetfight 2:03
B4 We Alright (Wieder Breit) 2:48
B5 Block E 2:38
B6 On The Run 3:45
B7 1,7 Promille Blues 3:20
B8 Yankees Out 3:46
B9 Vaterland (Deutschland Muss Sterben) 4:03
Recorded live open air at Brunnenplatz, Berlin-Wedding 12. August 1981 during the "TUWAT gegen Mauern Festival".