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FDR Comp / Manifest Destiny

Artist: Moth / EHI

Year: 1995
Country: United States
Catalog No: F.D.R. Tapes 009
Format: Tape
A1 –Moth (8) Hypnoterium  
A2 –Moth (8) A Horrible Scene Greeted Her When She Returned Home...  
A3 –Moth (8) No Words  
A4 –Moth (8) No Mind / Sea Mantra  
A5 –Moth (8) Slime Grind Make You Blind (Pts I + II)  
A6 –Moth (8) Sea Of Tranquility  
A7 –Moth (8) Inchworm  
A8 –Moth (8) Circus Of Delights  
A9 –Moth (8) Waves Of Chaos / Psilocybin  
A10 –Moth (8) Father's Day  
A11 –Moth (8) Human  
B –EHI Manifest Destiny  
Handnumbered edition.
Brian Noring:
First release of 1995 and off to a good start. Moth was (is?) the project of one Adam Larson and one of my favorite home recording artists at the time. This release is a compilation he made me from his label Zyon and features his electronic, ambient and experimental sounds. Moth was more into modern electronic music (techno, trance, ambient) then most of my home recording friends, and this was soon to rub off on me. A very entertaining listen still to this day. His side was titled FDR Comp, and I was honored to release it.

EHI's half is called Manifest Destiny and is very much the sister tape to the split with Aphasia. Same kind of multi layered space noise using manipulated tape recordings and even the sound of the tape recorder itself. This piece was also released on Moth's Zyon label as a C30.