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Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
Description: An English group with an unstable line-up, and a major representative of industrial rock music, it was started in 1980 and at that time was com- prised of Mark ALBROW, Alan FISH and Ron WRIGHT, co-residents of both Stephen MALINDER of CABARET VOLTAIRE and Paul WIDGER of CLOCK DVA at a villa called HULA KULA in Sheffield. Artistically most successful from 1984 to 1986, their ranks included then, alongside ALBROW and WRIGHT, Mark BRYDON, Paul Anthony “NORT” NORTCLIFFE and John AWERY. Theirs were remarkable works featuring the multi-thread fusion of certain elements of industrial music, e.g. cut-up technique collages and the asymmetric rhythm of percussion instruments, with the sound of popular electronic instruments, as well as the then emerging new trends, such as dub and trip hop. On top of this were paranoiacally delivered lyrics concerned with themes of human alienation in the modern world, horrors of technologi- cal progress and criticism of consumerism. The group’s live performances were accompanied by screenings of expressive, primitively produced do- cumentaries in cooperation with Peter CARE. The late 1980s, following the departure of NORTCLIFFE and ALBROW, saw a polarisation in their output, as it included typically commercial works, such as Voice, alongside more ambitious productions, as witnessed on Threshold. Due to financial pro- blems and disagreement over their artistic profile, the group disbanded in 1991. Discography: Black Pop Workout (Red Rhino Records 1982) 12” EP Cut From Inside (Red Rhino Records 1983) LP Fever Car (Red Rhino Records 1984) 12” EP Murmur (Red Rhino Records 1984) LP Freeze Out / Not A Second Glance (Red Rhino Records 1985) 7” EP Get The Habit (Red Rhino Records 1985) 12” EP 1000 Hours (Red Rhino Records 1986) 2 x LP Black Wall Blue (Red Rhino Records 1986) 12” EP Poison (Red Rhino Records 1986) 12” EP Shadowland (Red Rhino Records 1986) LP Walk On Stalks Of Shattered Glass (Red Rhino Records 1986) 12” EP Cut Me Loose (Red Rhino Records 1987) 12” EP Threshold (Red Rhino Records 1987) CD Voice (Red Rhino Records 1987) LP VC1 (Wax Trax! Records 1988) 12” EP