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From the Silent Days

Artist: Another View

Year: 1980
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Abstractions; ABS/000? / Tape 01
Format: Tape
A1 Maximum Contrast  
A2 SIt-COm  
A3 The March Of Time  
A4 A Career In Dancing  
A5 Overture  
A6 Motorway  
A7 La Discotechnique  
A8 Pressure  
A9 Casablanca  
A10 Metal  
B1 Lufthansa  
B2 Good For Today  
B3 Heat  
B4 Throwaway  
B5 Emergency  
B6 Irrenhaus  
B8 Imlaer's Last Chance  
B9 Make Up  
B10 Hello Bermuda  
Third Another View Tape