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Absolute Safe

Artist: Another View

Year: 1980
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Abstractions; ABS/000?
Format: Tape
A1 Theme  
A2 This Is The Way  
A3 Coffee Break  
A4 1969  
A5 Flink Schudden (Shake Well)  
A6 Power Station  
A7 Who's Left?  
A8 Redruth  
A9 The Filter Switch  
A10 Throw It Away  
A11 Paper Guns  
A12 Irritation  
A13 Real Sexy Banter  
B1 Afterflow  
B2 Stepping In The Light  
B3 Who Are You  
B4 Few Killers  
B5 Smaller Portions  
B6 The Number  
B7 Another View  
B8 Reasons To Be Here  
B9 Amongst The Portraits  
B10 Larger Portions  
B11 Outro  
Fourth Another View-Tape containing Recordings compiled from 1979 to 1981