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Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
Description: A solo project by Christian RENOU (b. 1959), a French composer of extreme post-industrial music. He started out in 1979 as a member of the jazz- rock band URIA. In 1985 he established his own record label and debuted as BRUME (supported by Ge?rard GUIGGIA) with an illegal performance in an abandoned bus garage, which was prematurely terminated following police intervention but didn’t gain recognition until the 1990s. Thanks to his masterful and versatile combination of various forms of sonic expression typical for industrial and academic avant-garde electronic music he sub- stantially contributed to erasing aesthetic barriers between those two genres. His instruments include various analogue and electronic devices, as well as a self-made noise generator (”galene receiver”), field recor- dings (many of urban origin) and numerous sound processors. He would also collaborate with many friends who were also artists (e.g. Herve PERRON, Serge ANCELET, Patrick MAZALTARIM) and multi-media artists from diffe- rent artistic circles (e.g. Pat BLANCH, Baz NICHOLS, Franc?oise DUVIVIER). Between 2000 and 2007 he dropped his nome de plume and performed under his own name. Discography: Frikture (Brume Records 1985) tape Le Jour Du Cochon (Brume Records 1986) tape Program T.4 (Brume Records 1986) tape Exit / No Use (Brume Records 1987) tape In Death We Trust! (Underground Productions 1988) tape Poison (R.R. Product 1988) tape Catalogue (Brume Records 1988) tape Permafrost (Art Directe 1988) CD Tribalite?s Urbaines (Brume Records 1988) 2 x tape Fuck Your Sun! (Brume Records 1988) tape Climatiseur (Brume Records 1989) tape split with LA NOMENKLATUR End Of Symptom Dump / Meosta (La Le?gende Des Voix 1989) LP Temporary Pigments (Old Europa Cafe 1989) tape Accident De Chasse (Waystyx 1989) CD Recycled Music (RRRecords 1990) tape The Sun (Old Europa Cafe 1990) CD Headache (Organic Tapes 1990) tape Unrelated Landscape (Audiofile Tapes 1990) tape Emergence (Old Europa Cafe 1990) 2 x tape Autoportrait (La Legende Des Voix 1991) tape split with TELEPHERIQUE Sound-World-Travel / The Strand Of A Soul (Drahtfunk Productions 1991) tape Electrocoagulation (Waystyx 1991) CD Schiluuk (Waystyx 1991) CD No - Body (La Legende Des Voix 1991) CD Epineuse (De Fabriek 1991) tape Recifs (Audiofile Tapes 1991) tape Recto / Verso (Harsh Reality Music 1991) tape Iswari (SPH 1991) tape