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Moda Bella

Artist: De Fabriek

Year: 1982
Country: Netherlands
Label: De Fabriek
Catalog No: De Fabriek, 5
Format: Tape
Spezification: C46
A1 Snowdance 1  
A2 Jojo  
A3 Mixed Feelings  
A4 Snowdance 2  
A5 Electric Cord Disko  
A6 Nachtschatten  
A7 Central  
A8 Snowdance 3  
A9 Jet Ride  
A10 Nerven  
B1 Snowdance 4  
B2 Salatini Assortititi  
B3 All Aboard  
B4 Snowdance 5  
B5 VL - Tone  
B6 Rococo  
B7 Claxon  
B8 No Work  
  • Performer – A. D. Eker, H. Beima, Richard Van Dellen