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the Archive Compilaion Vol.1

Artist: Various

Year: 0
Country: Spain
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
Spezification: promo
    Side A
A1 –Ancient Tales La Niña Feita 4:55
A2 –Ancient Tales Slaves Of Lust 4:36
A3 –Lycia Through The Smoke And Nails 7:29
A4 –Lycia The Morning Breaks So Cold And Grey 6:48
A5 –Malas Artes Madrugada 5:34
    Side B
B1 –Malas Artes El Fantasma De La Ópera 5:47
B2 –The Birthday Party Happy Birthday 3:56
B3 –The Birthday Party A Catholic Skin 2:33
B4 –El Último Hombre X 3:56
B5 –The Sisters Of Mercy Driver (Demo) 3:19
B6 –Radio Werewolf Barbarrosa 5:57
Grabación: Sobrio, Avatar, Maribel. 
Maquetación: Cherni. 

Ancient Tales tracks taken from ''Malignant Tides'' & previously unpublished. 
Lycia tracks taken from ''A Day In The Stark Corner'' 
Malas Artes tracks taken from ''Directo 95' Sala Siroco''. 
The Birthday Party tracks from ''Hee Haw''. 
El Último Hombre track taken from ''La Bilis Negra''. 
Sisters of Mercy track taken from ''Driver'' demo. 
Radio Werewolf tracks taken from ''Love Conquers All''.