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Tape Report 0

Artist: Various

Year: 1986
Country: Austria
Label: Die Ind
Catalog No: Die Ind 10
Format: Tape
A1 –Psyclones / Schlafengarten / Greg* Cult Leader Gang-Raped By Disciples  
A2 –Psyclones / Schlafengarten / Greg* C 'Mon Down  
A3 –Josef K. Noyce My Head, My Hand  
A4 –Josef K. Noyce String Song  
A5 –Maybe Mental Inner Breeding  
A6 –Maybe Mental Inch Worm  
B1 –Monochrome Bleu 399 Hormone Für Musik  
B2 –If, Bwana Beware The Sleeping Squid  
B3 –Problemist Crisis  
B4 –Problemist Pavement  
B5 –Problemist Krank  
B6 –Viscera Clipboard Bodies  
B7 –Viscera Bleed In My Bath  
B8 –Monochrome Bleu Destroyed Opera  
Comes with an A5 booklet written in German. January - June 1985.