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Vollsuff 1

Artist: Various

Year: 1984
Catalog No:
Format: Tape
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01.Yellow lights (TCA)
02.Tin Can Army (TCA)
03.Guten Morgen BRD (TCA)
04.Führer befiehl (TCA)
05.Lieber Egoldt (MAF)
06.Stumpfsinn (MAF)
07.Ficken (MAF)
08.Oh Gott (MAF)
09.Wir sind schon tot (Inferno)
10.Wodka (Inferno)
11.Skinhead (Inferno)
12.Massenmord (Inferno)
13.Weltkrieg (Maniacs)
14.Hardcore (Maniacs)
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15.Der Kampf wird weiter gehen (Maniacs)
16.Tonight and today (Maniacs)
17.Oi oi oi (Scapegoats)
18.America (Scapegoats)
19.We hate cops (Scapegoats)
20.Kriegszustand (Scapegoats)
21.Bullenstaat (Abzess)
22.Sprüh es an die Wand (Abzess)
23.Verpiss dich (Abzess)
24.Der Deutsche stirbt aus (Abzess)
25.Goverments arguments (Voices Of Protest)
26.Streetfight (Voices Of Protest)
27.Maniac run (Voices Of Protest)
28.System lies system dies (Voices Of Protest)