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The Unknown Eleven

Artist: Various

Year: 1990
Country: United States
Label: Rain Tapes
Catalog No: Rain Tapes, R17
Format: Tape


A1 The Strookas Out Of Your Head 3:01
A2 Casual Sanity Another Track 3:24
A3 All Flags Burn Written In Flames 3:14
A4 Flameon Words Can´t Say 4:11
A5 Ici L'Ombre Crime 103 3:12
A6 The Rileys Barriers Of Mine 3:29
A7 Watch You Drown Rehabilitation 2:21
A8 Flagrants D'eli La Ligne Imaginaire 2:40
A9 Lunch Head Through The Wire 2:05
A10 Dean Davis Happier That Way 3:39
A11 Pyw Dall Dim Hedddwch (rhan Un) 3:14
A12 Die Schwarzen Schafe Close Your Eyes 3:29
A13 3 Men Pissing In The Rain* Subtle 3:00
A14 T 42 Alone 3:02
A15 Watch You Drown Wicked Ways 00:58
B1 The Strookas Cut Me Down 2:00
B2 Shadowplay (2) Shadowland 3:40
B3 All Flags Burn Jihad 3:44
B4 Flameon What You Said 3:39
B5 4Q (3) Burn In Hell 3:22
B6 Bone Stinkfoot 3:22
B7 Watch You Drown Say Nothing 3:20
B8 The Rileys I Can Wait 4:20
B9 Slowjam Firewater 2:40
B10 Lunch Head No Excuse 2:05
B11 Pyw Dall Pechadur 2:41
B12 Die Schwarzen Schafe Civil War 2:02
B13 3 Men Pissing In The Rain Happy Birthday 2:37
B14 Ici L'Ombre La Metamorphoze 1:40
B15 Bigger Than God Last Chance (Live Edinburgh) 2:30


Thanks to all the bands who have donated tracks for this compilation.