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The Other Issue 1

Artist: Various

Year: 1982
Country: United States
Catalog No: The Other Tapes
Format: Tape
A1 –John Deaderick 1/2 Pint Of Bitters 0:30
A2 –Kenn Lowy / Wrinklemuzik Glass 2:43
A3 –Doug Kahn Chuck & Rona 3:35
A4 –Lawrence Crane The Legacy Of Perception 0:51
A5 –Paul Dresher (Excerpt From) Liquid & Stellar Music 4:47
A6 –De Fabriek We Gaan Lekker Door 4:28
A7 –John Deaderick & The Obscuritans In August 2:35
A8 –Zoogz Rift & The Amazing Shitheads My Daddy Works For The Secret Marines 2:51
A9 –Charles Vrtacek* (Excerpt From) We're All In This Together 6:40
A10 –Chris Gross (2) Long Ago 0:36
A11 –Audio Leter In The Bathroom 3:29
A12 –Johanna Went (Excerpt From) Live At The Whiskey 4/14/82 4:32
A13 –Mikail Graham What Do I Need Jesus For? #1 2:05
A14 –Philip Perkins Bird Variation #4 3:39
B1 –Rich LaBonte* Dancin' 2:29
B2 –Jumbo Zen Lucy 1:57
B3 –Human Backs Knife For Flo 2:26
B4 –Brennan (3) I Dreamed I Went To Goon Island 1:11
B5 –Jimmy Layton Tiger Rag 2:33
B6 –Thealonian Music Just Another Vehicle 5:05
B7 –Chris Gross (2) Spion 1:12
B8 –Alex Igloo & DisloKate Klammer O Kryptonite Dub 2:24
B9 –The Young Penguins Molly & Gladys 3:04
B10 –Scott Campbell (6) & The Sillies (2) Telephonic Communication 2:25
B11 –Myc James I Don't Wanna Cry 2:40
B12 –Sue Ann Harkey Illusions Are Real Too 2:50
B13 –Children Of Kelogg We Can't Get Any Smaller 2:46
B14 –Drop Bears* Anything I Can Do 2:55
B15 –Alternate Learning When She's Gone 3:19
B16 –Pope Paul Pot Louie Louie Is A Wild Thing 2:20
  • Compiled By – George Parsons (3), Mikail Graham
  • Typography – Mark Bradley (10)
The Other also includes a 32 page booklet with assorted information, pictures & addresses concerning the artists on the cassette.
Compilation made by Mikail Graham & George Parsons