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Orgy Boys

Artist: Brion Gysin

Year: 1982
Country: Switzerland
Catalog No: hat MUSICS, hat MUSICS 3504
Format: Vinyl Lp


  Naked Lunch Lyrics
A1 The Fear 0:45
A2 Naked Lunch 0:45
A3 Dead Weight 1 0:35
A4 Dead Weight 2 1:10
A5 The Needle 0:45
A6 The Fix 1:40
A7 Blue Baboon 1:35
A8 Siren Song 2:25
A9 Victory 1:30
B1 All Those Years 1:45
B2 The Song 3:35
B3 Come To Free The Words 3:40
B4 Clementeena Soopastar 1:15
B5 No Poets Don't Own Words 1:50



Recorded in January and May 1981.
Note on back cover: Songs dedicated to his orgy pals: William S. Burroughs, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Fafa de Palaminy, Patti Smith, Allen Ginsberg and John Giorno...