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Artist: Toshiyuki Hiraoka / Kronstadt

Year: 1988
Country: Germany
Label: IRRE Tapes
Catalog No: Irre tapes; IT 008
Format: Tape
A1 –Kronstadt In Deinem Kopf  
A2 –Kronstadt Zehnmal Im Leben  
A3 –Kronstadt Weiter  
A4 –Kronstadt Denkt An Die Feuer  
A5 –Kronstadt Opening  
A6 –Kronstadt Askania  
A7 –Kronstadt E-electrical  
A8 –Kronstadt El-Garbi  
B1 –Toshiyuki Hiraoka Mai  
B2 –Toshiyuki Hiraoka Yoshikawa  
B3 –Toshiyuki Hiraoka Ore  
B4 –Toshiyuki Hiraoka Improvisation With Dealy  
B5 –Toshiyuki Hiraoka Funky  
B6 –Toshiyuki Hiraoka 8 Beat  
B7 –Toshiyuki Hiraoka Paranoid  
B8 –Toshiyuki Hiraoka Short  
B9 –Toshiyuki Hiraoka Noise  
B10 –Toshiyuki Hiraoka Terao  
B11 –Toshiyuki Hiraoka Ebba  
B12 –Toshiyuki Hiraoka Funky  
B13 –Toshiyuki Hiraoka King Of Poverty  
B14 –Toshiyuki Hiraoka Music Make Stupids  
B15 –Toshiyuki Hiraoka Dashinage  
Side A Kronstadt (Berlin)
Side B Toshiyuki Hiraoka (Japan)