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Stille Tage

Artist: Stress & Thomas Struszka

Year: 1983
Country: Germany
Label: IRRE Tapes
Catalog No: Irre Tapes, IT 003
Format: Tape
A1 –Stress (2) Rule Of Force  
A2 –Stress (2) Cut That Jive  
A3 –Stress (2) Free Speak  
A4 –Stress (2) Down Through The Years  
A5 –Stress (2) Enigma  
A6 –Stress (2) Playing By Numbers  
A7 –Stress (2) Nothing New  
A8 –Stress (2) 4th Dimension  
B1 –Thomas Struszka The Intro  
B2 –Thomas Struszka Flucht Aus Der Disco  
B3 –Thomas Struszka Schranken  
B4 –Thomas Struszka Ganz Normale Leute  
B5 –Thomas Struszka Leute Nach '45  
B6 –Thomas Struszka Leute '84  
B7 –Thomas Struszka Putzfrage  
B8 –Thomas Struszka Die Hilfe Der Andren  
B9 –Thomas Struszka Sendung Unterbrochen  
B10 –Thomas Struszka Heidschi Bum Bum  
Also known as "Stille Tage" as this are the only words on the cover. The picture is also taken from the 1970 movie "STILLE DAGE I CLICHY", which was called "Stille Tage In Clichy" in german cinemas.
The artists' names and a tracklist were included on a small insert.

Hand-numbered edition.