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Tape Jazz Planet 3

Artist: The Kitchen-Musique Associative

Year: 1991
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Alternate Media Tapes; ALMED178 / Irre Tapes, IT 050
Format: Tape
Spezification: Cass, Album, C46
A1 Monder 12:00
A2 You Are The Voice 8:10
B1 Move Blue Tango 6:33
B2 Overland Rotations 6:55
B3 Some Other Places 7:34
  • Artwork By [Cover Design Alienated By] – Martin Junglas
  • Artwork By [Typesetting By] – ...You
  • Composed By, Arranged By, Mixed By, Recorded By – Kitchen-Musique Associative*
  • Performer [Kitchen-musique Associative] – Christoph Hammer, Dietmar Müller, Frank Wiehe, Michael Rippl
Composed, arranged, mixed & recorded exclusive for irre tapes in dec. 90/jan. 91
Sponsoring by edition ZNAK
copyright by THE KITCHEN 1991

Distribution by IRRE-TAPES Matthias Lang, Bärendellstraße 35, D-6795 Kindsbach

In order of appearance special thanks to stanislaw lem, gudrun plansky, stefan rector/oberheim connection, stephen w. hawking & interpreter, sweet honey on the rock, neil a. armstrong & apollo 11 earth control, embryo, chris hinze, frank zappa, unknown turkey group, prof. futura, wolfgang preusch/rhythm pattern, eastgerman demonstration, sam cooke girls, boris scheuermann, sounds of sea animals, stefan linz/charleston & sunrise theme, albert schwitzer, unknown airport voice, monte cazazza, jörg egeler, tibetian lamas and monks, unknown indian ...

Please use headphones for better sound.