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Out of terror / Recovered flesh

Artist: In Aeternam Vale

Year: 1989
Country: France
Catalog No: Organic, OT.030
Format: Tape-2
Spezification: in Videobox
A1 Car And Girl  
A2 La Pendule  
A3 Wounded Heart  
A4 Diesel  
A5 Eat Your Brain  
A6 Discomobil  
B1 Daygloo  
B2 Wounded Heart 2  
B3 Art U.S.  
B4 J'ai Raté  
A1 Autown  
A2 Money For Fall  
A3 On Your Back  
A4 Several Times  
A5 Bad News Today  
A6 D. For Fun  
A7 Untitled  
B1 Good Day Dance  
B2 On Strike  
B3 She Said  
B4 Hit The Ground  
Recorded home in summer 1988.