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Mail Compilation Project

Artist: Various

Year: 1990
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: Special Releases MCP89
Format: Tape
    Winter Side
A1 –Amy (7) Changing Wind (Into Fire)  
A2 –Amy (7) Sunchild  
A3 –Messy (2) Lost Lives  
A4 –Messy (2) Full Moon Activity  
A5 –Messy (2) Another Blade  
A6 –Messy (2) Magick Veins  
A7 –Kronstadt In Deinem Kopf  
A8 –Kronstadt Zehnmal Im Leben  
A9 –Kronstadt Weiter  
A10 –Amy (7) Greetings From Swampland  
    Spring Side
B1 –Die Rache Bitte Nicht  
B2 –Einsteins Erinnerungen Das Ewige Schmert  
B3 –Kopfschmerztablette Nur 1 1/2  
B4 –Mental Anguish Fools Gold  
B5 –Amy (7) Spring Time  
    Summer Side
C1 –Lord Litter Into The Hole  
C2 –Lord Litter My Roundabout  
C3 –Lord Litter Can You See The Real Me?  
C4 –Nostalgie Eternelle Get Lost At 3 A.M.  
C5 –Nostalgie Eternelle Sadie  
C6 –Schaum Der Tage Die Macht  
C7 –Schaum Der Tage D.D.-Clap  
C8 –Lassigue Bendthaus Sanglant  
    Autumn Side
D1 –Lassigue Bendthaus Inured  
D2 –Collection D'Arnell-Andrea Automne Et Long Silence  
D3 –Collection D'Arnell-Andrea Collection  
D4 –Opera Multi Steel Si C'Est Ainsi  
D5 –Opera Multi Steel Les Douleurs De L'Enui  
D6 –Opera Multi Steel Jezabel  
D7 –Amy (7) Bey Bey  
  • Artwork By [Cover Drawing] – P.Joy
Mail project sent out by Hahamandad (Amanda Man & Messy) and compiled by the artists themselves.
Hand-made cardboard box with 2 inserts.
Comes with a booklet.
A10, B5 & D7 are extra tracks, added later.