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Alias: F.A.R, F.A.R., F.A.R. Prosthesis, F: A.R. Prosthesis, F:A.R. - Prosthesis, F:A.R. Prosthesis, F:A.R.-Prosthesis, FAR
Gender: Male
Country: Italy
An Italian project operating from 1980 to 1990, a leading representative of the ritual ends of industrial music, whose acronymic name stands for FINAL ALTERNATIVE RELATION. Its core line-up consisted of the project’s initiator and leader Mauro GUAZZOTTI (aka MGZ), Germana OLIVA and Grazia STELLA, who were aided by a number of guest musicians, e.g. Roberto COSTANTINO, Iolanda TORELLO and Mauro BIGLIETTO. Quite original, their compositions fused the natural sounds of acoustic instru- ments (guitars, flute, trumpet, etc.) and antimusical textures produced through painstaking tape editing and with the use of noise generators, synthesizers and multi-effect units. They were permeated with the mystical atmosphere of pagan ritual, complemented with dark electronic sequences designed to imitate the soulless murmur of ubiquitous indu- strial machinery. Musically, they referred to PSYCHIC  TV, 23SKIDOO and CURRENT93, while lyrically to Aleister CROWLEY, the occult and tantrism. After the group disbanded, only GUAZZOTTI remained active, as a DJ, film music and multimedia installation producer, with much artistic success. In 2007 he set up an electro-dance project BORD DE L’EAU. In the 1980s he used to run an independent cassette imprint TECHNOLOGICAL FEELING and occasionally appeared under the OPEN GRAVES STYLE moniker. Discography: Duello Sul Cervello (Technological Feeling 1981) tape Final Alternative Relation (Technological Feeling 1983) tape Da Consumar Con Grazia (ADN 1984) LP Lust (ADN 1985) tape Frammenti (Technological Feeling 1986) tape Presto I Topi Verranno A Cercarci (Amen-THX 1138 1987) LP Passi Uguali (Minus Habens 1990) LP split with MUSLIMGAUZE Manipulation (Minus Habens 1990) LP