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Do The Cage

Artist: John Bender

Year: 1983
Country: United States
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
A1 This Tape Was Created  
A2 As An Studio Installation  
A3 Intended As Studio Atmosphere  
A4 Intended To Cloud Thought  
A5 Intended To Divert  
A6 Intended To Distract  
A7 From More Important Issues  
A8 Intended To Act  
A9 As A Swarm Of Gnats  
A10 Formless Enough  
A11 To Allow Focus  
A12 Varied And Abrupt Enough  
A13 To Catch The Ear  
B1 This Was Accomplished  
B2 With Apair Of Speakers  
B3 An Amplifier  
B4 A Cassette Player  
B5 Some Speaker Wire  
B6 An Extension Chord  
B7 If Only I Had Had  
B8 An Extended  
B9 Endless Tape  
B10 It Would  
B11 Have Been More Fun  
B12 Even  
Private Release Of John Bender, A Few Copies Were Signed By J.B.