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Packing List

Artist: John Bender

Year: 1982
Country: United States
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
A1 Short Side  
A2 This Tape's Title  
A3 Came From The Fact  
A4 That Original Versions  
A5 Were Packaged  
A6 Without Plastic Cases  
A7 In Oiled Paper Envelopes  
A8 That Opened At The Narrow End  
A9 Had Bendable Metal Ciasps  
A10 Were Used To Hold  
A11 Shipping Documentation  
A12 And Were Labeled  
A13 Packing List  
B1 In This Tape  
B2 As In Others  
B3 My Intent Was  
B4 To Create A Sequence  
B5 Of Sound Events  
B6 To Be Used As  
B7 An Undercurrent  
B8 To Social Intercourse  
B9 Not Intended As Musak  
B10 Nor Eno's Ambience  
B11 Nor Satie's Furniture Music  
B12 Its Purpose Was  
B13 To Weave Itself  
B14 In And Out Of  
B15 A More Active Role  
B16 In Human Interaction  
Private Release Of John Bender, A Few Copies Were Signed By J.B.
Cassette comes with envelope