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Bang Zoom 4

Artist: Various

Year: 1983
Country: United States
Label: Bang Zoom
Catalog No: Bang Zoom
Format: Tape
A1 : Neats - Interview (Includes Track Excerpts)
A2 : True West - And Then The Rain (Live At Folk City, New York) -
A3 : Sergio (69) - Record Reviews: The Lyres 'I Really Want To Help You Ann', Beastie Boys 'Cookie Puss', Native Tongue 'Yowl', Slickee Boys 'When I Go To The Beach', Chrome 'Anorexic Sacrifice', Let's Active 'Afoot', True West 'Hollywood Holiday'Verge 'Tradition', ESG 'Come Away', Avengers 'Avengers LP' -
A4 : 1/2 Japanese - Firecracker, Firecracker (Includes Short Interview Segment) -
A5 : Ten Hail Marys - When Johnny Comes Marching Home -
A6 : Cyclones - Just Because (Live At Maxwells, Hoboken) -
B1 : Bangles - Phone Interview (Includes Track Excerpts)
B2 : Green On Red - Gravity Talks (Live At Folk City, New York) -
B3 : Naked Raygun - Swingo -
B4 : 27 Various - Untitled -
B5 : Fleshtones Interview (Includes Track Excerpts)
B6 : Health Hen - Afghanistan -
B7 : Bunnydrums - Sleeping -
B8 : Unknown Artist - Spoken Credits (Includes Instrumental)