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Orgasmus Compilation

Artist: Various

Year: 1987
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Schutt und Asche
Format: Tape
 A1 –S·Core Dog Whip
A2 –Odal Pancreas
A3 –Urbain Autopsy Une Balle Dans Le Tete
A4 –Kapotte Muziek Erster Hit Der Kirche
A5 –Mario Marzidovsek Army Of Laibach
A6 –Vandal X Chasm
A7 –Vandal X Requiem
A8 –Vandal X Leave The Body
A9 –No Unauthorized Essipedrem
A10 –Louis Pasteur & Rembrandt (3) Hires
B1 –Louis Pasteur & VC22 F.T.T.
B2 –Louis Pasteur Feel The Metal
B3 –Solanaceae Tau Fetal Sequenz
B4 –Dikyl Brobojo & St. Cos Amainac On The Loose
B5 –Szarkov National Obstruction
B6 –Dikyl Brobojo Intermezzo For The People
B7 –Dikyl Brobojo It's Alive And It's Gollem
B8 –De Fabriek Solitaire
B9 –Une Le Würg Production* Deformed Material From Twirk
B10 –Une Le Würg Production* Material From 'Nightwork'