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ddc 4

Artist: Various

Year: 1987
Country: Italy
Label: CDT
Catalog No: cdt 002
Format: Tape
A1 –Unknown Artist El. D. 9l  
A2 –Roberto Marinelli Ludwig/Blood-Bath/Limph  
A3 –Serse Luigetti Untitled  
A4 –Dionisio Capuano Coltivando Ellebori Fetidi  
A5 –Unknown Artist Recensione  
A6 –Unknown Artist Supermarket  
A7 –Giancarlo Toniutti Interiore  
A8 –Serse Luigetti Untitled  
B1 –Particolare Music Untitled  
B2 –Serse Luigetti Untitled  
B3 –Dioxyde De Chrome Il Tempo Dell'Amore Al Contrario  
B4 –Unknown Artist Untitled  
C-90 hand-made for friends and limited distribution through independent labels.
The cover is a small xerox copy with a piece of transparent plastic punched on front, bringing the title in red, hand written with a lipstick, varnish or so; the labels consist of a few small triangles of colored adhesive paper in different sizes and may vary from copy to copy.

A2 track actually by Laxative Souls.