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What is Truth? Volume One

Artist: Various

Year: 1987
Catalog No: PANIC 001
Format: Tape
 A1 –Eugene Chadbourne What Is Truth?
A2 –Devil Bell Hippies Teenage Urban Barbarians
A3 –German Shepherds Why Did You Give Yourself Cancer?
A4 –Furry Couch Spudmatron
A5 –Research Defense Squad Then Some Bad Boys Beat Me With Sticks (Excerpt)
A6 –German Shepherds Orgy Porgy
A7 –Burden Of Friendship Burden Of Every Belief
B1 –Hunting Lodge May This Meat Kill Me
B2 –Randy Greif Woman In The Mirror
B3 –Furry Couch Sea Hunt / Phone Fun
B4 –Eugene Chadbourne & The Hanks Gonzalez Orchestra Invitation To A Jam Session
B5 –Phil Minton / Roger Turner Known A Knowm?
B6 –Gary Marks Untitled