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Two Jesses - Nc Artists Compilation

Artist: Various

Year: 1988
Country: United States
Catalog No:
Format: Tape
A1 Eugene Chadbourne - Dirty Harry/They Warned Me Not To Go To Africa
A2 Grapewom - I, Xophos
A3 Chuck Upheaval - Babylon System
A4 Gentlemaniac - Ordinary
A5 Coherent Drop - No More Mr. Nice Guys/Springtime
A6 The Beatless - Medicine Man
A7 Middlefinger - Bathroom Lix
A8 Gentlemaniac - Horror Johnson
A9 Grapewom - Good Fucking Question
B1 Eugene Chadbourne - President Helma
B2 The F-Art Ensemble - Brewsky Bitch/Honky's Gong/Jazzy Night Fly Unzips
B3 Murray Reams - I Came Here To Keep You Busy
B4 Niklas David - Your Dreams Fulfilled
B5 Seth Dworkin - In Studio B
B6 Murray Reams - Peter, Your Turn To Catch Up Here
B7 Niklas David - Water Safety
B8 Chuck Upheaval - Chuck's Confession
Side A : Jackson
Side B : Helma 1988
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