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Artist: Various

Year: 1987
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Audio Edition Ammerland, AEA7
Format: Tape
A1 Hitomi Arimoto– Untitled
A2 Robin Crozier– Untitled
A3 Walter Goes*– Untitled
A4 Robin James (2)– Untitled
A5 Shigeru Nakayama– Untitled
A6 A.Dudek-Dürer*– Untitled
A7 Klaus Groh– Untitled
A8 Peter Zincken– Untitled
A9 Luca Miti– Untitled
A10 Chondros*, Katsiani*– Untitled
A11 Paulo Brushky– Untitled
A12 Norebert Koschitz*– Untitled
A13 Michel Madrange– Untitled
A14 Shozo Shimamoto– Untitled
A15 Peter Zincken– Untitled
A16 Hitomi Arimoto– Untitled
B1 Kjell Nyman– Untitled
B2 Vittorio Venuti– Untitled
B3 Man's Hate– Untitled
B4 Berserker– Untitled
B5 Hazel Jones (2)– Untitled
B6 S-H. Slock*– Untitled
B7 Larry D.Smith*– Untitled
B8 Charles Roberts (2)– Untitled
B9 Darry Edgar Pilcher*– Untitled
B10 Cracker Jack Kid– Untitled