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Text-Sound Festivals 10 Years

Artist: Various

Year: 1977
Country: Sweden
Label: Fylkingen
Catalog No: Fylkingen Records, FYLP 1010
Format: Vinyl Lp



"As a prelude to the tenth text-sound festival 1977, five Swedish and five foreign text-sound composers who have been active at previous festivals were invited to contribute to this jubilee record."

A1 and A2 realized at the Stockholm Conservatory studio 1977.
B1 realized at the EMS studio (Stockholm, Sweden) 1972.
B2 realized at author's studio, Ingastone, U.K., 1975.
B5 realized at author's studio, Torino, Italy, 1976).
Other works realized at the Fylkingen studio (Stockholm, Sweden) 1976-77.