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Artist: Nocturnal Emissions

Year: 1989
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Parade Amoureuse PHOE 01
Format: Vinyl Lp


  The Immortal Sound
A1 Wikka Man  
A2 Eagle Stone  
A3 Grey Ladies  
A4 Shivering Mound  
A5 Squeaking Jenny  
A6 Untitled  
  Locked In The Rock
B1 CH'i Tor  
B2 Lud's Church  
B3 Hen Cloud  
B4 Fire Walk  
  Da Dum
C1 Da Dum Da Dum  
D1 Da Dum Da Deh  

Companies, etc.



Accumulation and assembly in the Derbyshire Dales and in the Caroline K Studios.
Digital mastery achieved in Silver Octopus Studios, Buxton, Derbyshire, England, 20th July 1989.
LP mastered at Schallplatten Schneid Technik, Frankfurt.

"Special Thanks to: Nigel Ayers, Danny Ayers, Caroline K, Jake Kirkwood, Laiki.
Dedicated to the Active Listener"

Track A6 is not mentioned on the release.

Style Ambient is only for the LP.
Style House is only for the 7".

LP also released on "Stoneface" (clear vinyl).
7" also released on "Da Dum" (clear vinyl).

Copyright (c) 1989 by Parade Amoureuse
Manufactured in the E.E.C.