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Spleen Concert 18-9-1983

Artist: Ende Shneafliet

Year: 1983
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: Trumpett Tapes, TRUM 0020
Format: Tape
A1 Di Stefano  
A2 Air Zaïre  
A3 Forces  
A4 Synthimental Lovesong  
A5 Dr. Eckhart's Thoughts  
A6 Thwarted Thrice  
A7 Heisenberg  
  • Performer – Brian Dommisse, Edwin Brinkhuis, Frank Brinkhuis, Hanjo Erkamp, Jan Popma
"The concert recorded on this tape was the first, and so far the only concert Ende Shneafliet has ever given. The music for the concert was particularly made for the VPRO-programme 'Spleen' (a radio programme which doesn't exist any more) and only played at this occasion. The concert took place in the VPRO-studio and was live-broadcasted at the same time on Sunday September 18th in 1983 between 14.30 and 15.00 h. The live-concert of Ende Shneafliet has its own catalogue number in the Trumpett Tapes releaselist namely TRUM 0020. People had to record the concert theirselves and in the Spleen Magazine a sleeve was printed which could be used as the cassette cover".