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Animals from Outer Space

Artist: Ende Shneafliet

Year: 1981
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: Trumpett Tapes, TRUM 0003
Format: Tape
A1 Animals From Outer Space  
A2 Alien  
A3 Midnight Train  
A4 The Day Detlef Macha Won  
A5 Macho Japanese  
A6 Ant People  
A7 Hangman  
A8 Elephant's Cakewalk  
A9 Zitronen Riolplastik  
B1 Crusoë's Roots  
B2 Panzerfaust 60M  
B3 Mein Gänschen  
B4 Der Blöde Hund  
B5 Twistin' On The Tombstones  
B6 Vampirella  
B7 Aeroplane  
B8 My Mother Sells Tuperware  
B9 Charybass  
B10 Elephant's Cakewalk  
B11 Tupperware  
Original version was packed in a printed and specially folded carton box container, with an insert with the track-listing. The cover insert came in two versions: white carton or blue paper both with red printing.