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Dimension Mix CH.1

Artist: Ende Shneafliet & King

Year: 1981
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: Trumpett Tapes, TRUM 0004
Format: Tape
A1 1,2,3,4th Dimension  
A2 Theme From Trumpetto  
A3 Ausnahmlösigkeit Der Lautgesetze  
A4 Space Is Up There  
A5 Temptation  
A6 Dr. Eckhart Takes Der Autobus  
A7 Nachkriegs Deutschland  
A8 Ow!  
A9 Titbit I  
A10 Esseogluessek  
A11 Gêner  
A12 Tanz Der Polonaise Avec Une Polonaise  
B1 Metal-Theme From Trompetto  
B2 I Am A Macho  
B3 Backwann Meets The Indians  
B4 Stavros  
B5 Anti-Woman  
B6 Mimosa A La Méditerranée  
B7 Peter Noussek  
B8 Hot Amsterdam  
B9 Dr. C. Stein Plays Schulze  
B10 1,2,3,4th Dimension