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Source: Music Of The Avant Garde Issue Number 7/8

Artist: Various

Year: 1970
Country: United States
Catalog No: Source Records
Format: Vinyl 10"-2
    Source Record Number Three
A –Alvin Lucier I Am Sitting In A Room 15:15
B1 –Arthur Woodbury Velox 10:15
B2 –Mark Riener Phlegethon 5:05
    Source Record Number Four
C –Larry Austin Caritas 15:05
D –Stanley Lunetta Moosack Machine 15:10
Companies, etc.
  • Published By – Composer/Performer Edition
  • Engineer – Rudolf De Grood*
Double issue.
Records are supplements to the magazine of the same name which includes:

Issue Number 7 [Vol. 4, No. 1, January, 1970]:
John Cage, Calvin Sumsion: Plexigram IV
John Dinwiddie: Mewantemooseicday, John Cage in Davis, 1969.
Ben Johnston, Ed Kobrin: Phase 1a
Gallery Seven, Dick Higgins: Towards the 'Seventies
Arthur Woodbury: Velox
Barry Spinello: Notes on Soundtrack
Pauline Oliveros: The Indefinite Integral of Psi Star Psi d Tau Equals One
Mark Riener: Phlegethon
Robert Moran: 39 Minutes for 39 Autos
Keith Muscutt: Crystals and Light
Allen Strange: Mora Speculum
Alvin Lucier: I am Sitting in a Room, Vespers
Ben Johnston: How to Cook an Albatross
Jocy De Oliveira: Polinteracoes

Issue Number 8 [Vol. 4, No. 2, July, 1970]:
Ed Kobrin: I Ching
Bengt Emil Johnson, Sven Hansell, Harvey Matusow: Fylkingen
Lowell Cross: Audio/Video/Laser
Gallery Eight, Morton Feldman: Boola Boola
Ken Maue: Info Matrix #1, Three Days of Red
Larry Austin: Caritas Transmission One
Alcides Lanza: Penetrations I(1968-89-V)
Kira Gale: Cornstarch Drip
Stanley Lunetta: Moosack Machine
John Dinwiddie: OFF, The Chromatic Fish
Peter Garland: Sea Fever
Boudewijn Buckinx: The Sound Womb
Editorial, Don Walker: The Spiro T. Agnew Songs

The magazine Volume 7 is 71 pages, Volume 8 is 67 pages and they are spiral bound with the record jackets. The pages are 13.5" by 10.75".

A realized by the composer in his living room at 454 High Street, Middletown, Connecticut.
B1 realized on the PDP-10 computer with final electronic processing on the Moog Synthesizer.
C realized on the PDP-10 computer with final electronic processing on the Buchla Electronic Music System.
D realized by the composer's analog/digital computer music system.