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Artist: Various

Year: 1972
Country: United States
Catalog No: Panjandrum Press
Format: Vinyl Lp
Spezification: vg+/vg+
Box-Set with large Book Tracklist
A1 –Lennart Bruce The Courtesy - The Hanging - The Promise - Sorrow - The Explorer  
A2 –George Ushanoff Guadalajara Stories - Two Hundred  
A3 –David Gitin Streetcar - Veteran's Day - The Childhood Tree - Air Alphabet  
A4 –Anthony Shonwald Travelling - Touch - Waking From Sleep, Woman Beside Me - The Kind Man Of A Village - The Dream  
A5 –Robert Bly (2) Another Doing Nothing Poem - Jumping Out Of Bed - November's Day At McClure's - Sunday Morning In Tomales Bay  
A6 –David Bullen For Lori - The Evening Dawn - Prefrontal Lightning Bolts  
A7 –John Logan (2) Two Poems For Women - Cape Elizabeth: A Photograph  
B1 –George Hitchcok Lying On My Back Looking Upward - Afternoon In The Canyon - Home Town - Lying Now In The New Grass - The Woodward Home -  
B2 –Patrick Todd Archie - To Carl Sandburg - Iron Lung  
B3 –Dennis Koran In A Nutshell  
B4 –Allen Ginsberg Guru Om - Operator's Manual  
B5 –Nanos Valaoritis* Cassander  
B6 –Don Gushman Untitled  
B7 –John Harriss Untitled  
  • Artwork By [Cover Design] – John Harriss
  • Other [Magazine Editor] – Dennis Koran
PANJANDRUM is a poetry record-magazine in which each poet reads works of his included in the written text. The inclusion of a record in this magazine adds the much-needed dimension of listening, thereby allowing for a fuller appreciation and understanding of each poem.

Although many of the poems in this first issue might be termed "surrealist" in one sense or another, Panjandrum will attempt to publish poetry, prose, and short stories from a broad perspective.

Includes a folder with 29 woodcuts containing the poems.