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New Roads: New Ruts

Artist: Various

Year: 1983
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Arts Council Grant Recordings SWIZ 1
Format: Tape
A1 –391 Leaning On A Lamp-post  
A2 –391 What's Wrong With My Hi-Fi? (Excerpt)  
A3 –391 Brains Under Glass  
A4 –391 What Makes People Behave Violently?  
A5 –The Small Furry Things Jelly Babies  
A6 –391 An Die Freude  
A7 –391 Requiem For Fashionable Trousers  
A8 –391 Living In A Factory (Alternative Version)  
A9 –The English Assassins Here Comes The Milkman  
A10 –The English Assassins The Landlady's Disco Band  
B1 –The English Assassins Revenge Of The Lawn  
B2 –391 The Blind Man  
B3 –391 Famous Last Words  
B4 –Everyone Else Miles Apart  
B5 –Everyone Else  Killed In The Rush  
B6 –Everyone Else  Music From The Empty Room  
B7 –Everyone Else  Blast!