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Muziek Terwijl U Sterft

Artist: Various

Year: 1981
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No:
Format: Tape
 A1 –700 Ennemies Nazis
A2 –700 Ennemies Sitting In The Classroom
A3 –700 Ennemies Going Out
A4 –Les Molotovz House Of The Raising Sun
A5 –Les Molotovz Oi Woody
A6 –Les Molotovz God Is Zalig
A7 –Smexmec Insane
A8 –Smexmec Dance Tune
A9 –Smexmec Daar Komen Ze Aan
A10 –Smexmec Thoughts For Dinner
A11 –Degrisement 1 1
A12 –Degrisement 1 2
A13 –Degrisement 1 3
A14 –Degrisement 1 4
B1 –World War Rockerz Dreams
B2 –World War Rockerz Dentist
B3 –World War Rockerz Mount Everest
B4 –Svätsox Happy Consumers
B5 –Svätsox Cancer In Concrete
B6 –Hysterical Flies Kiiwreveb
B7 –Hysterical Flies Vlekken
B8 –Ze Pigx Mayday
B9 –Ze Pigx Glimmerveen
B10 –Ze Pigx Beroepssoldaat
B11 –Ze Pigx WC Drang
B12 –Ze Pigx Een Demonstraat